The Whisper of ¡°Inner Humanity¡± ¡ª¡ªA New Artwork by Cui Xiuwen [Lv Peng, 2011.Vol.4"Ming"]

Cui Xiuwen started her art from the observation of ¡°secular world¡±, focusing on the basic state of everyday life from the affairs between men and women to the record of the true situation of women. The artist, with curiosity and query, also with her gender instinct, hopes to analyze and clarify what her intuition suggested. Gradually, she turned her eyes towards abstract: the normal experience of women. Undoubtedly, signs as red scarves are still discernible, and indirect knowledge and some life experience appear in the summarized picture images from time to time. Confused, they change their identities and even appearances. Nevertheless, all this shows that the artist casts her eyes into the inner humanity, peeling off individual and social factors as far as possible, and eagers to perceive the possible situation when an individual were divorced from society. This is a course of the artist¡¯s spiritual evolution. In such a course, the artist¡¯s desperate effort can be seen: she has men and women stripped off their daily life and enter nakedly into an imagined ¡°non-material space¡± to seek or present ¡°inner humanity¡± to the best of her ability. The artist hopes that every man and woman with social experience present a real self in such conditions, so that all of us can observe our own ¡°real self¡±. In fact, the postures of those men and women who enter ¡°real self¡± are still related to the experience of (his) her own. Their ¡°¡±real self¡± in fact is different, a difference fundamentally stemming from their respective social stamp.
Naturally, Cui Xiuwen¡¯s artistic production are close to the issue that ¡°human nature is originally clean, and all things have self-nature¡± (by Hui Neng). The civilized society requires morality, knowledge and accomplishment, while for Buddhism, what all theories and practice emphasize is nothing but to realize final spiritual understanding. So, a sudden insight will lead us direct to ¡°inner humanity¡±. Cui Xiuwen seems to be well aware of the truth in her artistic practice. Thereupon, she simply diverts her attention from the human body to a sound, an accidental thing and other details noted by chance to understand the phenomenon related to her own spiritual world. Finally, the artist presents her understanding in her artistic works. These issues always intertwined in the objective world and the subjective world, which can guide us keep thinking. They are both social and personal. What Cui Xiuwen emphasizes is: due to many years of artistic practice and understanding of life, her artwork aim to present ¡°the whisper of inner humanity¡±. Those purposeless actions and sounds proper are nothing but media, leading her and the audience to further discussion of higher issues and spiritual resonance.

Lv Peng